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    Being drunk does not excuse cheating.

    Being drunk does not excuse rape.

    Being drunk does not excuse being an asshole.

    Being drunk does not excuse shitty and destructive behavior.

    Being drunk is not an excuse.

    Control yourself or don’t drink.

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  2. probably your worst flaw



    Aries: selfish
    Taurus: stubborn
    Gemini: flaky
    Cancer: whiny 
    Leo: egotistical 
    Virgo: judgmental 
    Libra: lazy
    Scorpio: manipulative
    Sagittarius: foolish
    Capricorn: opportunistic 
    Aquarius: neurotic
    Pisces: lost

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    other funny gifs - http://gifini.com/

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    When you’re 1d af



    Female BAMFs Throughout History

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    • 1DHQ:    Who wants to drop the song title?
    • Louis:   No.
    • Harry:   *mumbles* Steal My Someone you can have fun with
    • Zayn:   I forgot my Twitter password all of the sudden
    • Niall:   They would call me The Irony Man for the rest of my life
    • Liam:   Sure I'll just learn how to write full words without any grammar mistakes real quick
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    me after finding out about 1d: larry is real

    me two months later: larry is a concept created by fans. harry and louis have an actual relationship we know nothing about and we should not assume that we know the meaning of everything they do. shipping and believing that two people are dating are two completely different things and we should treat harry and louis and their relationship with respect.

    me now: larry is real

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    @Louis_Tomlinson: How very kind. You are just a standard knob. I am the winner ha ha ha

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    Favorite Things Louis’s “Cinnamon Roll” Hair

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  6. "#i can't wait until they disappear for 3 years and come back with children" LISTEN


    listen? listen to what? talk about harry and louis as parents?


    louis playing peekaboo?

    11/07/14 | Madrid, Spain

    little kids having snacks in their school lunchboxes that their daddies used to be poster boys for?


    louis making his baby giggle?


    harry standing at the back of their daughter’s school concert keeping the baby happy so he doesn’t cry and interrupt the performance? while louis is in the front row smiling huge and waving at their little giri on stage?



    best honorary-uncle squad a kid could ask for?


    their little ones adoring their daddies and wanting to be like them in every way?

    louthighlinson:   @Thomasjhealy4: @Louis_Tomlinson is a true gentleman x/x/x  has anyone clicked on the 3rd link? because…   @Thomasjhealy4: He learned a new face Monday night at the One direction this is us premiere.. Thanks Louis

    have a bonus manip while we’re here

    louis teaching his little baby girl that she has strength and power?



    harry performing until the day he dies but every tour there’s another son or daughter getting tangled up in his giraffe legs?


    bedtime stories? (do not miss the hand on harry’s waist i repeat do not miss the hand on harry’s waist)


    louis rocking the newborn to sleep while harry sings lullabies?


    louis roughhousing with their kids? teaching them to play football and play wrestling?


    when THE FOND comes back with a vengeance except it’s not at each other any more, it’s at their children


    theboyfriendstagram:  This is my favourite Larry moment because they bump into each other and at first they’re surprised and Louis does a double take and they reach out for each other at the same time with the fondest looks on their faces




    i can’t even talk about how well Harry “fuck you gender norms” Styles and Louis “flamboyant” Tomlinson (see:



    you know) would raise children. girls encouraged to get dirty too? boys with long hair and tutus? girls with trucks and boys with barbies? gender neutral names like charlie and DARCY and taylor?

    how harry “gender neutral pronouns” styles and louis “cover me in cake in a gay club” tomlinson would have children who would be raised to know that no matter who they were, no matter who they loved, it was okay, it was normal, and it was beautiful?

    yeah you could say i’m listening


    i’m waiting


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  7. Top 5 outtings??


    oh my

    there are so many outings (mainly because harry outs himself 90% of the time he tweets)

    but here we go:

    5. When Niall says that two of them are together after asked about relationships

    4. Liam saying they’re in a relationship when Louis says that people genuinely believe that

    3. When Harry said he doesn’t eat pussy 

    2. When they made the Mario Kart innuendo

    1. When Harry confirms him and Louis are dating